Residential Electrician in Saskatoon

Home being renovated

Genex Electric provides comprehensive residential electrical services in Saskatoon.

Residential Wiring

Our experienced electricians can install your entire electrical wiring system from your home to power everything from electric appliances to your garage door opener. We also install the breaker box, any number of outlets, and test everything to ensure it is working correctly. All of our wiring is built with energy efficient materials to lower your utility bill and ensure your fixtures last longer.

New Construction & Renovations

If you’re building a new home, one of the most crucial elements in construction to get the home ready to live in is installing the electrical wiring and fixtures. Genex Electric works with new construction to install complete, custom electrical components, including interior and exterior lighting, appliance hookups, backup generators, electronics, and anything else you need. We also work with renovations for homes from minor updates to major overhauls.

RTM Hook-Ups

Genex Electric specializes in RTM, or “ready to move in” hookups. This includes washer, dryer, and other electrical appliance hookups. We also communicate with the local electric company to have all power turned on before the tenant or homeowner moves in, saving them the time and inconvenience of waiting for their power hookup. Whether the home needs a few minor fixes or complete electrical installation, we’ll do the job quickly and efficiently.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Our Saskatoon electricians also set up electrical hookups for swimming pools and hot tubs, including heaters, pumps, jets, and lighting.

Smoke Detectors

We’ll make sure your family is safe by connecting the electrical wiring for your smoke detector, working with new or replacement units.

Commercial Construction Helmet

Genex Electric also works with commercial clients to install all electrical components needed to run any type of business from an office to a retail store.

New Electric Panels

If your building is new or recently renovated, we will install new electric panels. Our panels are energy efficient and easy-to-control, with secure and durable covers, clear labeling, and easily accessible switches so you can manage electrical connections and troubleshoot problems as needed.

Commercial Wiring

The expert team at Genex Electric understands the demands of commercial wiring and can customize our systems to meet your specific needs. From small office suites to large warehouses and everything in between, we’ve worked in most major industries, including manufacturing, communications, retail, transportation, automotive, and several others. Whether you need power for your overhead lights or complex machinery, we have the tools and products to build your ideal electrical wiring solution.

Computer & Telephone Cabling

We also specialize in computer and telephone cabling to enable high speed internet, multiple phone lines, and other communication devices such as cash registers, restaurant ordering systems, security systems, and much more. Genex Electric can work with any environment, large or small, to meet simple and complex telecommunication requirements.

Smoke Detectors

We also install commercial smoke detectors for businesses, following codes and requirements for the square footage and type of business environment. You can rest assured your business and your employees will be safely alerted in the event of a fire.

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